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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 9, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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hour, everyday on fox45 morning news through thanksgiving. thankkgiving. 3 you havv 15 minutes to call us at 410-481-4545 to claim yoor prize! prize!want to gee your name in the box?go to facebook ot com slash foxbaltimore and click on "ccotests" to fill out the form aad eaa the official - rules. 3 3 & 3 3
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3 3 3 baltimore city schools ppllce pfficers reportedly ave "no confidence" in thhir police released to city schools c-e-o dr. andressalonno. so what does this mean for your kids? kiis?megan gillilann is live - from the baltimore city schools police department with p story you sawwfirst on fox. 3 good morning guys,a the leetee to dr. alonso says almmst - three
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quarteessof officers 3 ponfidence" in chief marhsall poodwin's... ability to run thee epartmennt the vote comes after a fox 45 -3 inveetigation found thaa dozzes of crimes nnschhol city police. instead, school officiils were ussng wwat's known as... an in-house referral.while some in the 3 form of intervention... others see it more as a cover up..- 33 (joy and union)1:31:06 when you looo at the number of weapons the reports handled 3 what was reported to police. a concern smiles.(ssokes) 23:13:57 i can't figure out exactly whyyso many agencies don't want to be trasparent. the past nine montts.... more than 150 assaults have occured in city schools. 3 from eree.. union officials say they plan to meet with dr.
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talk about their in -3 east baltimore i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 a man ii foond guiltt of 10 chaares... inccuding rson... affer setting his ex-girlfrrend's noothwest baltimore homee.. on fire. fire.randall martin junior - faces up to 77 years in prison wwen he's sentenced in jjnuaay. prosecutors say the 56-year-old had usttgotten -3 out of a ssx-year relationship... whennhe set 3&p2010.she managed to sccpe... along with her son nd twoo other women.a pet died in the blaze. 3a north ballimore carry-out restaurant gets a makeover... one year after a murder... 3 good.the owners of yau brotheesscarryout worked with &pommunity leaders to make a change... after a halloween piiht killing.a customerrwas shot and killed inside he - building last year... and the whole tting was caught on camera.the incident is just oneeof four deedly shooting at tte carryout in the last ears 3 decreasing the violence... the &powners will no longer sell 3tobaccc products. 3 (haynie) ""e
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immediattly worked with them o have that remooed rom their business. so, f they're marketed s a restaurant, they're a restaurant seeling restaurant food. the inside of the enviionment, we ssisted them in cleaning it up." up."the restauuant also got a -3 new paint job, brighter lights... and seeurity cameras installed outside.thh business will also get a new name... to be rrvealed atta grand & re-opening later thhs month. & a new campaign... launched by the baltimore city healtt depaatmeet... is raising eyebrows. eyebrows.the ad encouuages african american mennto get tested for -i-v....and is peattreddon the charm city & ccrculattr. it shows african & american men... some scantilyy clad... with message 3 reference to the male anatomy. and that's what has some city reeidents upset. 3 they ould have said get oo board be brave get tested thaas not sending the righh -3 message to our hildden it was very vulgarr...very vvlggr... department says the reaaoo - it's
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targetiig blackkmen... is pecause of a 72-percent increase in gay and bisexual black men testing posstive for h-i-v inncity clinics. 3hurricane sandy aad a powerffll &pwinter sttrr delivered a one----3 twoopunch to northeaatern staaessas ed payne exxlains... thousands are still wiihoot electricitty... and gasoline is in short suuply. supply. 3 gasoline rationing begins today forr otorists in new - york city and long island who phve spent hours and hourr york mayor michael llomberg saas the move is designed to ease the ffel ccuuch since shortagee coull llst a few more weeks. the best way, we think, to cut down the lines and help customers buy gas faster, to help gas stations - stay open longee and to reduce the potenttal for disorder, is to alternate the ays that driversscan puuchase gas.the wiitee storm piled on the misery for residents who wwre still reelinggfrom ssndy. new - jersey goverror chrisschristie says it could have beee much worse.belieee i or not the snow was incredibly helpful
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& becauue it wasn't rain and o it helped on the floodinn side. and secondly thh windd were not as severe as they had croos volunteer suuan mmtchell traveled from southeast louisiana to tte norrheast to help storm victims. it's her way of giving back. when we ttlk to tthm and they realize from new - veey thankful that we're there. and then we turn around &pand say thank you for coming pto help us when we needdd ou. pnd we just tell them, hang in pthere. it's going to get better. it's just a atter of time.and it will take time ffr utility crews to restore electricityyto the more than 650-thousand customersswho are in the dark.i'm ed payne & reporting. 3 the winter storm dumped more - than a foot of snow in some aaras offthe northeast.wiih ppwer outages stretching from delaware to maine. 3& puper storm saady is linked to & a recent drop in unemployyent claimm.the government says about 355-thousaad people - piled ffr firss-time jobless - penefitt
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lass week.that's down 8-ttousand frommthe week before... and tte looest level &pin a month.but econooists ssy the fall is almmst enttrely due o tte extreme weather are likely to spike again... in the next &p3& jared loughner... will never see the outsiie f prison again. again.he's the man who killed six and injured 13 in the tuccon shooting rampaaeeback in january 2011.loughner recieved sevvn ccnseeutive life termssplls 140- years.he & pleaded guilty to 19-charges to avoid the ddath penalty in exchange for life in prison. several victimsssppke at the hearing,,includingg mark pelly...ccngresswoman gabby giffords' husband.ggffords ptood beside hhm as he spoke. 3 floorda a-and-m university is offering -huudred-thousand- dollars... to thh ffmily of aa drum ajor who died last year. the money was ffered to robert champion's family... as a settlementtin a wrongful death lawsuit.the 6-year-old pied last novembee... affer
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being beattn y felloo band members during a hazinggritual. the universsty has deniedd responsibility... but is bbeng sued by champion's ffmily. 3-hundrrd-thousand dollars is the most the school can offer withouttggtttng approvaa from theesttte. coming up on the early bbcks... by shopping at the dollar store.. store.38:32 if yyu don't notice it they're not gonna tell you ha ha ha 3 deals... thattmay be awaiting shoppers. & 3 3 ((break 1))
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3 3 3 3 3 it's our fox45 "thanks giveaway!" giveaway!"we're giving away 3 every hour, eeeryday on fox45 mooning news through thanksgiving. thanksgiving.
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3 33 you have 15 inutes to caal us at 410-481-4545 to claim your prize! &pprrze!want to get yourrname in the box?go to faacbook dot com on "contests" to fill out the form and read the official rules. 3 coming upp.. the raidees ave up 278 yards on the ground last weekk the ravens plln to take advantage of oakland'ss defense come sunday. 3 (thomas) 33:48:20 i love he ddlllr deals dealsthe roducts may be priced wwll... but some of them coulddalso be dangerous. thh three items shoppers may want to stayyaway from. 3& ((break 2))
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3 -3& 3 3 if ou evee shopped at a doller store, you don't want - to miss this fox45 investiiation nto how these stores re doing bbsiness. and whether the products being sold inside them are deals or danger.... crime and justice repprter joy lepola investigates the warning pigns. 33 3 ((pkg)) ii this tough economy... 41:50:07 bag of stuff some nnpkinn some paper put around aad the pverything has gone uppin price.... mooe and more & consumers have turned to dollar ssores to saae aabuck.
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3& (jody) 22:39:54 they can really save you a lot f money surveyed 15-hundred women 3 of themmare shopping at dollar sttres more than they used to. (jody)22:40:46 they're parrying the same merchandise as theenational brands and - they're also carryinn their - own store brandd too but is - the quality of those brands theesame. connumer reports' & can not say because it didn't -3 test the quality. (thomaa) 33:54 anything that has a shopppng at dollar stores for more than ten earss.thomas) 33:48:20 i love the dollar dealsbut even she admits theree are items she staas away 3 anything electrical.product wiihout ul labels or with fake &pones vouching for their safety. &p tems in boxes likeethese -3 coulddbe closeouttitems.... & that should be avoidedd also avoid off brrnd vitamins at 3 any cost.22:33:26 in the past when we have lookeddsome stand
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alone stores we found some expiration ddtes.for thomas when it comes too xpiraaion &pdates... it's not justt medicine she's weary off36:34 when yoor buying food items you have to look for the datess on them exxerts say it's not so much at the big dollaa store chainsslike dollarr general, family doolar or &pdollar tree wwere you need to watch out for this but more so attthe knock off dollar stores. 38:32 if you ddnnt -3 notice it they're not gonna tell you ha ha ha you knnw so. p recent suuvee shows favorite & pprrhases as beinn:-paper and plastic goods-cleaning produuts 3 -toilltrres 33:36 i can easily spend a hundred dollars in thh dollar storee and, cheryl isn'ttalone.. it's estimatedd coosumers can save aa much as 38 percenn on branddname items
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purchased at one of the big chain dollar stores. as for the quality of the itees your buying.... exppets saysswhen you look aa the botttm line... it's a relatively cheap experiment that could have big payoffs. but remember... &preeardllss f where you - are.... shop smart. 42:12 you have a good dayjoy leppla:16 3 staa out too longfox 45 neww at ten.### several dollar stores have starttd to post reccll information n their websites. 3 coming up ii our 6 o'clock 3 getting into the wine bsiness..- business.when... and where... ""mazon wine" will be 3 tte maryland basketball team ppays tte defending national champions tonight.the one playyr kentucky's head coach believes... makes he teeps a contender. 3
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3 p3 ccming up in our 6 o'clock - hour... finding more thhnnone &test.the speciffc type of cancer it can ssmetimes detect.
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